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Второе поколение iPhone. Модель A1241; 8 или 16 ГБ памяти; с черной или белой задней пластиковой крышкой. Ремонт проще, чем первого iPhone. Требует отвертки и инструментов для вскрытия.

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Can not pick up wi-fi signal

I have been piddling with replacing iPhone digitizers and have run across several that will not pick up on any wi-fi signal right net to a known good one that will get a signal . On 2 of these there was corrosion on the wi-fi chip on the back of the board which i sprayed with contact cleaner and hit with a toothbrush pretty good with no resolve. I have scoured the net to the best of my ability and hoped that one of the pros here could give me some better ideas. It must be pretty common because i have seen several this way

-thanks in advance

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No answer here but I too am looking for a resolution to this problem... hope someone notices

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I gave up - after much part swapping I came to the conclusion that it is a logic board issue. I have seen several phone with this problem.

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