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Google's third-generation Pixel-branded smartphone, and their first "notched" phone. Comes with a 6.3" QHD+ OLED display and 64 or 128 GB of storage. Available in Nearly White, Just Black, or Not Pink.

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Replacement screen doesn't power up?

After a drop, screen was badly cracked but still functional. I ordered the ifixit replacement screen and also a replacement battery.

Replacement was uneventful. I reassembled without adhesive to test fit and confirm everything was working. Screen stays dark. If I press the power button I get the haptic vibration indicating that “power off” options are on screen. Holding the power button for 20 seconds gets another vibration consistent with a power cycle. I’ve tried putting the screen under a very bright light to identify if its a backlight problem, but I can’t see anything at all — seems to be completely dead.

The repair was straightforward — I don’t know of any point when I might have damaged the replacement screen. Other possibilities?

Update (03/11/2021)

iFixit is sending me a replacement screen. Hopefully it will work properly.

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Mb phone is in edl mode after drop. Check the UFS modules, if is good (not damage). You can download a QFill or other, and flash it.

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Thanks Jatva. It's not in EDL mode, but I appreciate the suggestion.


How did you check it?


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