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Restores but enters DFU mode


My Iphone 6s wouldn't turn on and i decided to connect it with Itunes.

Itunes shows that it is in Recovery Mode and needs to be restored. During restore processes,there was no errors or something suspicious.

But after restore the phone goes again in DFU mode and Itunes shows that it has to be restored.

I have tried 3Utools-same issue,restores but enters dfu again

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I am not sure if you’re mixing up recovery mode and DFU mode, they’re not the same. (from your description, my guess is you’re never in DFU mode here?)

If it in fact restores successfully, you should see the startup screen (‘hello’), not the ‘connect to itunes’ of recovery mode.

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I know what is recovery mode.

The phone is not turning on,no signs of life.

When i put it in charge-shows nothing

Itunes connection says-the phone must be restored

3utools connection says- the phone is in dfu mode


Ok. I've sometimes had luck with the imyfone app. Maybe worth a shot?


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Disconnect the home button and see if it restore update, there is a chance that home button is faulty.

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I have transferred the logic board to another case with another screen and home button,even the camera is not the same.But nothing changes

The only suspiciously thing is when im trying a restore with 3utools,im seeing this message-warning,unable to find Bbskeyld node


Im gonna inspect the mainboard under microscope.

I think that a short is causing this problem.I was thinking that it has a NAND problem but why then restores completely with Itunes without errors


Allready tried to connect only logic board, screen without home button, battery and dockconnector to pc for update restore/update. if this doesn't work your suspicion is right that it hase a fault in logic board.


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