Should I be concerned? MacBook Air water damage and still works.

Hey everyone,

I have an 8 year MacBook Air and I’ve been planning to replace it for a while, everything is backed up, I was just hoping it would hold on until the supposed redesign this Fall but having to get one sooner isn’t a big deal.

Anyways, I spilled water on it yesterday while it was open and on, it was a decent amount but I immediatey shut the computer off and flipped it so the vent was straight down. I left it like that for about 19 hours and then turned it on. It seems to be working alright (boots up fine, ports work, speakers, keyboard lights, etc) but every 5 minutes or so there is a light crackle sound (almost like the one when you turn it on from a cold start).

Any idea what might be going on? What I’d like to know is if this is dangerous. If it will break on its own quietly someday then it isn’t a big deal, because I was already in the process of replacing it and any extra time now is a bonus.

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