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Despite a wholsale parts change, screen is still dark.

I have a sick display on my 12" PB. Have changed the display cable, the inverter and still have an unresponsive display. Brightness will change from complete black to dark grey. External display works fine. Where do i go next.


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What machine are you running? What system?


Its a 1.5mhtz PowerBook G4 running tiger right now.


Give me the history of what it was doing before you started your replacements and where you got the parts.


Screen had suddenly quit after normal use, (word processing). Parts were form ifixit and there is no change after the recommended parts swap.


How did you diagnose that it was the screen?


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Just to jump in for the sake of clarifying, when you say you replaced the display cable, is that the display data cable or the inverter cable? If it's the display data cable, it shouldn't be responsible for a problem like this. Rather you would need to try replacing the inverter cable. If you have already replaced the inverter cable, it sounds like the LCD panel is bad.

(yes i have read all the comments! I just wanted to clarify that one point)

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Thanks for the jump in, I think thats where I'm headed next. is there a way to test it before I condemn it?


Thanks for your answers. That leads to Ben conclusion: bad LCD. To test the problematic LCD you have to connected it to a known working PB. Good luck with your repair and keep us informed.


Just replaced the lcd with a working one and still have the problem?


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