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The April 2014 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 processors, plus slightly increased battery performance.

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Mac goes to sleep when I connect the charger. There's no magsafe light


Sigh, i purchased this used macbook air last year, its a 2013 A1466.


The laptop sometimes charges, sometimes doesnt. I've tried with several chargers (fake and original ones) and i see the same symptoms.

Sometimes i get the amber light and sometimes i just dont get a thing.

If the laptop hasnt been connected to the power outlet and i connect it, the laptop screen suddenly goes off, and the keyboard lights goes off too. The charger light is off too. If i disconnect the magsafe charger the laptop goes on again. I've tried doing shortcuts with the keyboard while the screen is off, and they work, and that shows the computer is not sleep or has shutdown.

If i leave it like this, plugged to the magsafe and wait from 15 to 20 minutes, the laptop suddenly starts charging just fine, i get some random "disconnects" (The magsafe suddenly goes off, and the screen goes off too) but then i get the amber light and then suddenly the laptop starts charging just fine, i can connect and disconnect the magsafe charger and i get the amber light on the magsafe, the laptop screen doesnt go off.

But this is obviously not a normal behaivor.

What i've changed so far:

- Magsafe charger: i've bought 2, 1 original and 1 fake charger. I get the same behaivor.

- Changed te I/O Board, same behaivor.

- I have made countless SMC resets, power cycles, pram and nvram reset, without luck.

At this point im just getting frustrated, any idea of what could be it would be great. Thank you for reading this!

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You need to get your system to someone with good micro soldering skills and understanding of Mac's


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I’m no expert but I’ve been reading about Mac power systems recently and in my (novice) opinion it seems like that could be caused by a faulty current sensor on your logic board.

logic board issues are super frustrating and expensive so I’m hoping it’s something else for you! (My Logicboard recognizes and charges my battery but will only run off the wall charger)

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Well, you're close! The one wire circuit which is the middle pin in the MagSafe controls the MagSafe LED. This circuit is part of the comparator charging logic what happens it many of the Knockoff chargers put too much current on the line burning out the circuit.

Louis Rossmann has a few vids that get into this quite deeply, here's one: What does knockoff charger do to Macbook Pro Retina?


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Check with another Cable (Which is connected with MagSafe Board and Logic Board)

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@onlinehaq - Are you recommending to replace this part: MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2013-2017) I/O Board

Other than making sure the contacts are clean and not damaged (the middle pin) I doubt that would help.


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