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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's flagship S20 FE Android smartphone, released in October of 2020. Identified by model numbers SM-G780F or SM-G780F/DSM

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Does my phone have a FM Receiver Chip in it?

I have a S20FE and checking out the specs online, it looks like it may have a built in FM IC and is capable of receiving local radio signals when using headphones as the antenna. However, it’s apparently just locked in certain countries. Like my phone has the hardware in it, but not the software capable to run it.

I’ve spent plenty of time looking online for various things I could do to activate this like downloading an apk to install the missing software but nothing seems to be working. I’m starting to wonder if maybe the phone doesn’t have the chip in it (I purchased the phone in New Zealand) or if it’s just really difficult to activate it.

I don’t really want to take open my phone to have a look either as it would break the IP68 water/dust protection and I don’t have any replacement seals, so if anyone who has seen the insides of a New Zealand model S20FE knows if there is a radio chip, I’d love to know please.

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Hi @smashedliam ,

Don't know the answer or even if the following link may be worth trying, especially the code for the software and hardware info, just to see if it is there. Although if it is disabled it mightn’t show in any case.

Assuming that you have tried various radio apps to no avail?

According to this link radio is not available on Samsung phones in the UK or Europe (this info may be out of date) so maybe it is the same for NZ (Oceania?) as well


@jayeff I've tried all the radio apps and most of the ones on the play store are just internet streaming services. I downloaded an APK for Next Radio and it just says my phone doesn't have the correct software yet, leading me further to believe my phone has the chip, but isn't using it.


It can't have radio because you can't plug headphones on it to act as antennas.


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Having the chip does not mean the chip is being used or fully installed with supporting circuitry.

Most cases it is not, so forget about using it.

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So it may have the chip but that doesn't matter as it's not designed to work? There's no way I could activate myself by going deep into the software of the phone or something?


It may have the chip simply because it is integrated into the wifi chip, the wifi chip supplier sells it as a package. The FM function circuitry is simply not populated on the board.

You can't activate something that isn't even there.


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