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New keyboard installed, but some keys are too sensitive

I bought the ifixit repair for the keyboard and installed it. Before it didn’t turn on due to coffee spill, now with the new part it does turn on, but some keys (3-4 keys is all) are SUPER sensitive. Like you can just run your fingers over the keys and not press and they’ll type. My son is using a USB keyboard for now, but I think I’ll have to tear it back apart to see if I can find a reason why the keyboard isn’t working properly. Has anyone seen anything similar?

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I have this problem too! All you have to do is brush the keyboard and it all guys haywire. Sounds like a defect I'm about to ask for an exchange…


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You’ll need to go back in and loosen the keyboard screws, then tighten them up just snug working from the center group outwards. I’m suspecting you have either distorted the case by pressure or the screws are building tension on the case.

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also ( im not sure) but if there are different length screws in the disassembly to put them back in the right spot


@logixal - The field of 45+ screws are all the same make sure you haven't bent the aluminum uppercase frame, as I've seen a few which needed straightening.


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