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Guides and repair information for coffee and espresso makers from Jura Elektroapparate AG, a Swiss developer and distributor of home appliances.

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My Jura A1 espresso machine’s start button is bugging

When I want to start the machine, I need to push at least 20 times the start button. Each time I click the display turns on, but the start-up process is not ignited. On the contrary when I click to shut down the machine the button reacts immediately.

I already changed the start-up button, but that did not work out. It seems to be an electrical problem on the circuit board. Anyone encountered the same problem? Can I replace the mother board of the machine? Where could I buy this?

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Well, yes, but it is expansive: (150€) https://www.jura-ersatzteile-shop.de/lei...

I wouldn't it without knowing if it really is the cause.

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Thank you for the website! I will wait for other people experiencing the same issue.

But 150€ will always be cheaper than sending the machine to a repair shop.


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