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Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Water Damage/Liquid Spill Laptop will not turn on Day 3

So I've been browsing around looking for advice. I've seen just to be patient wait 2-3 days. Friends told me to put it in rice so the water will absorb. So tonight is Day 3 I tried turning it on the battery connector turned green but the laptop didn't turn on. I tried one more time then the battery connector turned dim. So all in all it's not turning on.

I've been trying to take it about but I don't have small enough screwdrivers to open the back & remove the battery and see if parts of it are still wet. So I just need help after I open it & take the battery out how can I tell if I need to replace the logic board or RAM?

If parts of MacBook Pro is fried, how would I know what parts to replace? Or is there just no hope?

Thanks help would be greatly appreciated! It's 2nd week of 2nd semester and I would really love my laptop back! :D

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I have exactly the same problem; Liquid spill and after 3days waiting the computer does not turn on. (green light on the connector, battery LEDs works fine). At Mac support they claimed over 1k$ for repair (or actually recommended buying a new one). Today I have disassembled the main board, not tracks of liquid... I could not notice anything.

Cory, Chelsea do you manage to repair your machines? What was the solution?




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When it happened to me I flipped the MBP and put the keyboard on a dry cloth then unscrewed the bottom panel, unplugged the battery and clean the liquid I found there (there was just a few drops in the casing) then I installed a fan over the machine. It was not a major spill and there's a black plastic layer just under the keyboard so the liquid didn't reach the logic board. I booted the MBP after 2 days and it worked OK since then. The only issue is the the backlight keyboard who doesn't light on the right side where the liquid was spilled.

Find a screwdriver to take off the bottom panel and check if you can clean the mess then let the unit dry. Make sure the battery is disconnected.

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Alright thanks! I hope it will be able to turn on soon


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Well this isn't an answer at this point, but I'm going through the exact same thing. After the spill I took it apart and cleaned everything, etc. I get power on the green strip, but it doesn't start up. I took to Apple & they said it would cost $1250 to fix, but they didn't know what was wrong with it.

- Based on the fact they are charging $1250 without knowing what is wrong tells me 1 thing, don't take it to Apple. The HW being replaced could cost $20 - $900. If you want to send me an email so I can contact you, I'll let you know what resolution I find, and if you could do the same that would be great. My email is coryrider@me.com



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since chelsea had this problem 6 month ago, i doubt that she's still waiting. apple "fixes" things their own way - i had a 20" imac - the apple "repair" would have cost around 1200$ (1000€) - i fixed it with a part for 15ct. anyway - i'm not a normal mac user. replacing something on the logicboard for 20-900$ is a good one - can you actually do component level repair? i think you should try to find someone in your area who is able to do that stuff and you can invest this money in his job. or try to find the same model as yours on ebay with a broken screen and replace the logicboard. but you could also start you own question and we could try to get the problem fixed


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