The camera and USB charging port stopped working after repair?

So basically I had a bad battery and a camera that was having OIS issues and ordered a replacement for both. I turn off the phone, take the device apart making sure to be extra careful around the ribbon cables, and replaced the battery and the camera. I didn't peel away any of the silver tape on the replacement camera, and the only reason I bring it up is because the original seemed to be attached to the front facing camera by this thin silver tape (not a flex cable or anything, possibly a grounding cable.

What's even weirder is the inside of my phone has a few pieces that the guide doesn't, such as the silver tape on the cameras, and a metal plate covering the motherboard {not the midframe})

anyway, replaced the camera, hooked everything back up, and when I turned the phone on, the camera now not only doesn't work, but it seems that NEITHER camera is even being shown as FUNCTIONING (downloaded a hardware test, shows no cameras connected to the device, and I only swapped out the back camera! Never even touched the front! And to top it off, the USB C port won't even take a charge now!

I have no idea what I did to this device at all. I've taken it back apart 3 times now, turned it off, cleaned all the contacts with isopropyl alcohol, reconnected, tested again and still bust. I had ordered a replacement charging port but that was only because I felt the vibration motor was going out; the charging port worked fine, and I didn't want to solder it back on (don't know why they would even solder it to the board but whatever) and I'm just in need of some help. Anybody who can help PLEASE! I will give 120$ to the person who can help me come up with a solution, I'm not kidding! That's how much I'm in the phone for so if anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated!!!! Thank you!

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