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27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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A1407 Display won't turn on, but USB ports still have power

Hoping to find a solution before donating this beautiful display. My friend gifted this display to me, it worked for one week with my M1 MacMini w/ USB-C thunderbolt adapter, and then the frayed cable started causing issues, I would wiggle it to turn it back on; it worked for another day. And then the next day it would not turn on at all.

When the thunderbolt cable is not plugged in, I noticed that the USB ports on the display would have power to them(can charge iPhone, but no data connection), but once I plug in the thunderbolt cable, the USB power would go out.

Since then, I have opened up the display and replaced the thunderbolt cable. Again, the display would not turn on, but all the USB ports have power delivery, no data connection.

Thinking it’s the logic board, I had just replaced it with a working unit off eBay. But I’m still having the same issue. Hoping to try my luck here. Could it be the PSU? With the amount of time and money spend on repairing this display, am I better off getting a new monitor?

Thank you in advance!

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Using a flashlight resting on the screen at a sharp angle are you able to see the faint image of your desktop and its icons?

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Hi Dan, no faint image. Also, the port status from my 2019 Macbook Air is "no device connected". Not sure if relevant, when I plug in the display after a long period unplugged, the fan would run for 5 seconds and then stop. Thank you Dan for your help!


Thank you for your reply Dan, I just realized I posted incorrectly in the cinema display forum. My device is a Thunderbolt display.

Today, I just replaced the logic board with a working one I bought off ebay. And it still would not power on. Starting to think it's the LCD panel itself.


@mehungrysteve - Rarely have I seen a LCD T-CON totally wink out. More often I see the backlight die, then the logic board.

Before you noted the issue was your display show distortions, odd colors or the top/bottom end look messed up? As that is what we normally see as a bad LCD (T-CON)

I would carefully inspect the T-CON board you may just need to replace a capacitor, Look for a burnt component take a picture of any stain or damage post it here for us to see Adding images to an existing question.


There weren't any display distortions, no odd colors.

I'm starting to think it's the replacement thunderbolt cable, because I replaced the logic board and that didn't help. What are the chances that I ordered a faulty replacement cable? Much thanks Dan for the prompt replies!


@mehungrysteve - Try just plugging a TB cable into one of the Ports in the display and your systems TB port did that work?


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Did the TB connected from the display to the USB-C port with adapter... Worked for you?

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@andresvalencia - That won't work! There is a special adapter to have a display work off of a USB-C system. The Apple Adapter is really only for drives.

Give this a watch - The Pro Display XDR from 18 years ago!


But the A1407 is the Thunderbolt display... And turns off constantly from my Mac Mini M1, I'm using the Thunderbolt to USB-C adapter from Apple and no luck. I was wondering if connecting a Thunderbolt cable with the adapter from the back of the display will make any difference. Tired of the issue!


@andresvalencia - I guess I didn't make it clear...

You have a Thunderbolt-1/2 designed display which will work just fine when connected to either a Thunderbolt-1 or 2 based system. I even have two connected to my 2013 MacPro.

But! Something happened with Thunderbolt-3 Apple made an adapter to allow people to connect Thunderbolt-1 or 2 DRIVES to the new Thunderbolt-3 based systems. But it needs more power to work which your display can't offer.

From Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter

"In addition, it can be used to connect Thunderbolt-enabled displays — such as the Apple Thunderbolt Display and LG Thunderbolt 2 displays — to any of the Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) / USB 4 ports on your Mac. However, using this adapter with an Apple Thunderbolt Display requires a power source, because the display does not provide power through the adapter."

If you really take the time to watch the video I posted you'll see what you need to do to make it work.


@danj, Sorry my friend... I just don't understand what is the solution that you are trying to give me from Luke Miani. Right know my A1407 27" Thunderbolt display is working (knock on wood!) with the adapter that posted. The A1407, is a wall powered display, and I believe Apple is just killing this old displays to release a new Apple display soon... Which is great but sad because I love my A1407... until stop working with the M1 Chipset.


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