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Where can I get SMD components

so i messed up!

was trying to fix my charging port on my switch and got it reinstalled and the pins that i could test tested good!

2 pads came off but are grounds im pretty sure. ( ill post a picture)

but when i did a full board inspection i found some SMDs were knocked off.

i think when i put it in my PCB holder it popped them off :(

does anyone know where i can find out what goes in these spots? and where i can get the SMDs?

thanks for the help!

here is the one with the missing SMDs it looks like 4 are missing :(

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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The missing pads are for USB 3 communication, your Switch should work without them but it may cause problems when connecting it to a computer or phone, or it'll only work when plugged in one way.

As for the ripped SMDs, your best bet would be to buy a non working board off of eBay as a donor board.

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