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4S Battery Life

Can one get a longer life battery?

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This is a problem Apple is working on. At this time they are trying to determine if the problem is in the hardware or the software. Be patient--some solution should be out soon.

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rj713 is correct, but if you want to save some battery life while Apple tries to figure this out, here are a few battery saving tips:

- Go to Settings>Location services. Then turn off anything that you don't want to constantly know your location.

- Go to Settings>Mail. Then turn off "Fetch New Data." This will make it so that you have to tap on the Mail icon to check your mail, but will save your battery life considerably.

- Go to Settings>Brightness. Then turn it down as far as you can deal with. Turn auto-brightness on.

- When you aren't using WiFi, go to Settings>Wi-Fi. Then turn it to "off."

Each of these will give you some extra battery life. I did them to my phone and have noticed considerably longer life, especially from the first two tips.

Hope this helps!

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