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Is my battery okay to use?

Hi, I’m replacing the battery on my iPhone 8 Plus and me being clumsy has by mistake put a tiny rip in the battery casing, would this still be okay to use or should I replace it?

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A small rip in the black coating is OK. As long as the battery wasn't punctured or bent, you'll be fine.


@Dmak thank you, could I send you a video to confirm?


Sure, if you'd like. I'm not sure you can post here though.


Could i take an email to email you what I’m dealing with? @Dmak


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Is this rip itself on the actual battery cell, if it is more than a dent or in print then I would be very cautious about reinstalling that. You should be able to add images - please add an image. Note that batteries can be damaged and it can become dangerous if the cell has been punctured. If it is the tape covering the circuit board at the very bottom of the battery and it isn’t too deep that should be okay. As long as it is the tape, not a dent or rip in the actual cell that could expose the battery. Please attach a photo.

Just remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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