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Acer Predator Helios 300, released 2018, identifiable by several model numbers. Most guides should apply to all models.

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Even if I use only 1 or 2 apps the cpu is 100%in task manager

Each app is using only 1 or 2%.. The adapter is also over heating too much heating in laptop

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In the Task manager open the Details tab. Scoll down to find what process is running at a very high level. Right click on that process and if it is not a basic Windows function you can end task or set the priority to low. If you can find the process that is doing this (perhaps Runtime Broker) you can see if you can remove the function from the start up. If nothing helps then re-installing or Resetting Windows could fix the problem.

In Windows 10, open the settings menu (Start > gear icon) and go to Update & Security. You can Choose Troubleshoot or Recovery > Reset this PC and follow instructions.

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