Disk loader not always accepting or ejecting disks.

Ok, my PS3 sometimes won’t load a disc all the way in, and then it just sits there. I can hear it trying to load, but it never mounts properly. If I use some force and push the disk in when it’s loading, it always loads, but I don’t want to do that as I feel it’s putting stress on the loader.

At the same time, it has issues ejecting CD’s. I press the eject button and it un-mounts, but dosent come out. The disk does not re-mount, it just sits inside the drive. Pressing the eject button again usually gets it to properly eject. I have not had an issue ejecting Blu-Ray disks, and haven’t tried a DVD.

A couple years ago I had to replace the motor that spins the disk, and the laser. I haven’t had any issues until about a month ago.

Any ideas on what to look for and if I need to replace something?

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