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Repair guides and disassembly information for Apple's 7th generation of iPads.

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How to tell if this is a 128GB iPad 7, or a 32GB?

The device does not boot up, but I have access to the flash storage on the MOBO. Is this a 128GB chip or a 32GB chip? How do I tell for the future?

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Below the bold ‘iPad’ text on the back of the devices housing there is some text, of which includes the usual designed by apple in California assembled in China, but also at the end has the serial number of the device printed (Serial: - - - -). Enter the letters/numbers in a serial number checker like iUnlocker.com (or I think even apples website) and you should see the devices info. iUnlocker can be used to find the iCloud status, Device Model, AND THE STORAGE CAPACITY.

Hope this helps (:

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This did not resolve my issue. The iPad's serial number is: GG7C92X9MDG3

I plugged that into iUnlocker, Apple's website, and one other third party website. And none of them offered storage size information.

This is the information iUnlocker gave me:


Serial number GG7C92X9MDG3

Past First Activation Yes

Apple Care No

Warranty Name Out Of Warranty

Repairs and Service Coverage Expired

Estimated Expiration Date 31 March 2021

Telephone Technical Support Expired

Estimated Purchase Date 1 April 2020

Find My iPhone / iCloud Check here

Demo Unit NO

Refurbished NO

Replacement Device NO

Country of purchase UNITED STATES


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