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Mid 2010 A1286 Won't turn on after battery replaced and ram upgraded

Hello All,

I worked on a Mid 2010 MacBook Pro 15" 2.66 GHz Core i7 (A1286) Yesterday afternoon for a family friend.

I took the system apart, replaced the battery with a new 3rd party battery, and upgraded the RAM from 4GB to 8GB. I noticed that her charger wasn’t lighting up before cracking it open but I was able to get it showing a light. I also noticed at first the Mac wouldn’t turn on, but after messing with the charger which is OLD, I was able to get it powered on and working.

So, I proceeded to take the mac apart and swapped out the battery and the RAM. I disconnected the old battery from the board, took it out, put the new in, and replaced the RAM modules. I put everything back together, powered on the MAC, it powered right on with the charger disconnected, I verified the RAM was recognized and showed the upgraded 8GB (2x4GB modules).

I shut down the MacBook several times and powered it back on to make sure that everything was working. I left the Mac in my SUV as I had to run to Walmart and she picked it up. Once she got it home she advised that the system wouldn’t turn on.

The charger magnet showed red (which I believe means it’s charging and battery detected is under 10%) which is odd because it was at least 57% here. I had her flip the cable upside down and when she did it changed from red to amber yellowish light. But, it still wouldn’t turn on.

So she left it charge over night and this morning it still won’t power on when pressing the power button. I sent her some instructions on how to reset NVRAM and SMC Reset. Just waiting for her to try those and see if it makes a difference.

But, with it working here before I powered down before she picked up and taking it home, I was curious if anyone ever ran into something like this and what I could try?

I told her I think she needs a new charger so she plans to stop by and test mine to see if we can get it powered on (I already ordered a new one as she doesn’t have a lot of money so I’m just going to give her mine). If it doesn’t power on with mine I plan to rip it back apart and put the old battery back in and see if it boots, if not I’ll put original memory in and see if it boots with the new and/or old battery or both to troubleshoot and eliminate what the issue maybe.

As mentioned, everything was swapped out, powered on several times to make sure it worked which it did perfectly, even sent her a picture of the about this mac page showing the upgraded memory to 8GB being recognized. Has me puzzled since it worked fine here with no issue. I told her my luck with Mac’s is few and far between. I always seem to have trouble with ANYTHING APPLE I work on.

Can’t stand apple products to be honest as a network engineer I prefer Android and PC’s all day long. But, I get that it’s all personal preference. I just always seem to have a headache when working on anything Mac or fixing anything Mac is a PIA and never straight forward for me whereas Android stuff and PC is always night and day simple compared to Mac’s having around 20 years working on electronics and PC’s/MAC’s/etc… just my experience.

I appreciate any tips/tricks/any advice anyone can give to see what the heck might be causing this issue.

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Reset nvram and it now boots fine. No clue why I needed to do that now and not when battery and ram were initially replaced but it's working.


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Check the MacSafe connector for dirt or damaged contact pins like this one. You may need to replace it.

Block Image

This is often caused by knockoff chargers. Here’s some more info on them

Make sure you get a real unit directly from Apple, many claimed OEM are just junk!

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Thanks for the suggestion but fix was resetting nvram with the key combo!!!


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