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The Samsung Galaxy A10s is an Android smartphone developed by Samsung Electronics, and was released in March of 2019.

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a10s will not turn on

samsung a10s will not turn on and will not changer too

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Did anything happen to cause the error?


What was happening before it did this? Did it get hot? Make any noise? This post is not descriptive at all.


my phone will not turn on with the on button


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Remove the back and disconnect the battery reconnect the battery and plug the charger in.

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hello as i owner of this phone i have dealt with the same problem if i press the power button nothing happens i can still unlocked with my fingerprints it will unlock. If your phone is power off and you want to turn it on get your laptop,pc,mac and press the volume up and down button and plug it in the pc when it turns on press the volume down button it will restart and herre you are fixed i hope i have helped you and thank you and thi problem is caused by watter getting in the power button it happens

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