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Broken wifi/camera cable causing my fan to run at full speed?

I was replacing the optical drive with a second hard drive so I removed the wifi/camera cable from the logic board of my MBP. New drive works fine. But in the process of plugging the camera cable back in, I used too much force and broke something.

I realized something was wrong because my fan is now constantly on and running at max speed ~6,000 RPM and is SUPER loud. Before this mod, my fan ran nice and smooth. Should note that my camera and wifi still work fine! The loud, fast, always on fan is the only problem at the moment.


Before suspecting I broke the camera cable, I tried various fan speed control apps - they all report the "left fan" speed correctly (there is only one fan in this model MBP btw, running close to 6,000 RPM) but none are able to actually control the fan and slow it down! (Fan Control and smcFanControl)

I reset the SMC more than once too. Screen is brighter! But fan still running at max.


When I unplug the camera cable end by the drive bay, the fan runs at normal speed, nice and quiet (I lose wifi obviously). When I unplug the camera cable from the far corner of the motherboard, the fan speed stays the same (fast and loud and always on).

With a flashlight, it looks like I might have damaged the actual camera cable socket. That would make me sad :( But it's possible it could also be (or only be) the camera cable itself.


The problem is definitely tied to the camera cable, or the socket. The question is if I should bother to buy a replacement camera cable and see if that fixes it, or if by my description, if someone can tell that it's the socket, in which case I'll probably just buy a new computer presuming it's a total logic board replacement.


If there's a way to simply slow the fan down that I haven't tried (tried Fan Control, smcFanControl, resetting the SMC) I'd be more than happy with that solution - everything else seems to work fine. Just that darned fan!!!


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Problem was a bad wifi/camera cable. Easily purchased and easy to plug in. A total disaster getting to the point of being able to replace though. I should have listened to the folks that told me it wasn't worth it.

Basically, the camera cable has three connections - connects to the logic board by the optical bay, connects to the wifi at the hinge on the base of the monitor, and connects to the camera by going underneath and around the LCD inside the monitor frame.

In order to complete this cable replacement, you have to literally disassemble the entire laptop with the exception of removing the logic board, but that's literally the only thing you don't have to do. You have to completely disassemble the rest of the laptop. In the end, not worth it.

Worst part is suctioning the old glass off the MBP - total disaster. Should have listened to everyone who told me not to. The glass shatters into a million pieces. No one tells you that on iFixit! That make it seem so simple. I was able to buy a new glass and was able to get the most of the old glass bits out, but took forever.

I used a heat gun to remove the old glass, but again what iFixit doesn't tell you is that you're supposed to use the heat gun for about 5 seconds. I held it for about 30 seconds because the glue didn't melt whatsoever so the glass never peeled off the screen like the iFixit pictures. I figured I just needed to hold the heat gun there for longer. BIG MISTAKE. I ended up heating the LCD so once the glass did come off (exploding off, more precisely), I could see that I basically put a nice yellow permanent tinge on the LCD exactly the shape of the mouth of the heat gun.

Another slight scar I created was pulling the internal LCD frame out too far. You have to pull it out to slide the camera cable into the monitor - I don't see a way of doing this short of damaging the frame around the LCD. So now the back of my MBP at the black hinge cover has a nice gap like it needs a screw or superglue to squeeze back and return the MBP to the original Apple lines.

In a nutshell, I wish I didn't come to this site. While I figured out how to disassemble the MBP perfectly, what this site can't effectively convey is the force required (or lack thereof) to use that is often better conveyed through use of video. Bottom line, iFixit needs videos to go along with their stills.

My MBP now works perfectly fine (camera, fan, wifi, even video) and I have a greater appreciation for Apple engineers, but I've left behind some disappointing scars. I've destroyed (and replaced) the glass, damaged the LCD, and created gaps where various components used to fit tightly together.

Bottom line, this is NOT a fix-it job I recommend. If your camera cable breaks, I suggest replacing the cable to where it resolves any wifi issues, but then clip the cable short of connecting it back to the camera behind the LCD. Not worth it.

At least my fan spins normally now :-/

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the camera cable socket if definitely fixable I have done this many times. It is not for the faint of heart and you will definitely need a scope and fine tipped soldering iron to do so.

I would not attempt to take the glass off the front of a unibody Macbook Pro unless I was prepared to buy a replacement. I broke the first three that I tried to remove myself...Replacement glass runs around $50.

I have never heard of a faulty camera causing high fan speeds. I have seen some funny problems when a USB circuit is shorted, although it usually just causes the computer not to post. Can you post a high res picture of the connector that is broken?

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you were right about the glass. unfortunately, I wish it was the socket. turns out it was the cable and there's no way AFAIK to do that particular replacement without (a) exploding the glass, and (b) damaging the frame around the LCD inside the MBP lid. Sucks. At least everything works now. Too bad I've left behind so many scars....


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Same problem here. Have you found any solution?

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