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Clothes dryer repair and support guides.

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Dryer won't power on

2019 GE gas dryer. GTD72GBSNWS

Two days ago, I tried to start my dryer but I'm getting nothing. No lights on the control panel, no power including the drum light. The power cord appears intact. The power outlet is fine. I called a repair guy yesterday and he thinks that the whole control board needs to be replaced… which is going to be pricey. I'm 6 months past the mfr warranty. Called GE and it'll be too expensive just for a service visit not including the parts/ labor. Anyone have any ideas? I even removed the top and front panels and everything inside the machine looks okay.

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get a multimeter and since you have it open. Carefully (make sure not to short anything out!) Check incoming voltage. Where power comes to the main board, is there lower going into the board? If power is coming into the board but nothing coming out… then yes you'll need a new board.

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Hi @paco90 ,

Did the repairman check if the 250V 30A fuse -part #418 Cabinet and Top Panel parts diagram is OK, you didn’t mention it?

If it is blown then there is always a reason why a fuse blows and this will have to be investigated. You may find that if you don’t and that you just simply replace the fuse that it may well blow again when applying power to or starting the dryer

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