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Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost

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Can I fix a broken connector housing/mount?

I was trying add new thermal paste and when I was removing the logic board, I accidentally cracked and then broke off one of the connectivity housing that (I think) goes to the disc drive. The cable/wire seems fine. It’s the mount that held the red cable

Block Image

Block Image

that is broken. Is this part replaceable/repairable? I’m having trouble finding a part that would match. Any ideas? Thanks

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It’s the socket for the left speaker similar to the fan socket. It can be soldered back to the board if you find the part. You can harvest it on a Macbook donor board or buy it on eBay. Any tech can solder back the socket for cheap, only six micro solder to do on this part. Don’t try to glue it on the board, the 4 front pins must make a good contact to the pads and only solder can be used in this case.

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