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How to find and replace the motor on a ryobi R18R0S?

I have a cordless ryobi orbital sander R18R0S, that when the power button is pressed will spin and then stop suddenly after roughly 1 second. I have taken it apart and it was full of gunk and the motor looks like it has scorch marks. I have been trying to find a replacement motor but with no luck on the ryobi spares sites or by searching for the motor model number (736-5532S-R/74) can anyone help with this? I am also not clear on how the motor detatches from the bearing assembly?

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Can you post pics of the assembly that needs to come off? I have this sander but I'm not willing to pull apart a working tool to see it.


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I'm sorry but the only motors I'm finding are either available in Australia and cost as much as a new sander, or are for other ryoni tools like the reciprocating saw. A new ryobi 18+ sander is like $55 new at home depot as of posting this answer. The motor i found is $52+ shipping from AU.

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