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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Frequent kernel panics due to thermalmonitord, missing sensors: TG0B

My iPad Air 2 keeps kernel panicking due to the thermalmonitord service not getting a response. I have seen a few other people with this issue, but not any with the same missing sensor (TG0B) and also mine doesn’t reboot every 180 seconds indicating that it isn’t always faulty. I did get the display replaced previously, and when I received the device back it was completely dead so I sent it back and they fixed it. 3utools reports a changed battery, could this be the issue? I can’t send the device back as I have run out of repair claims (the iPad is provided through my school). What is wrong with the device?

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TG0B is the battery's BATT_NTC signal error,

Refer to the 2pin in the picture below, Sometimes just the screws are not tightened.

Block Image

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thx for sharing. Mine fixed after tighten the screw.


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hello Jacob,

in iPhones and iPads, temperature monitoring is designed as a resistance control of elements named varistors. Their size is the same as other resistors around: 01005, 0402 etc. They can be easily confused. The processor, when executing the temperature control instruction, considers several to be more important and follows them more closely (hence the "panic" error).

The damage probably occurred while removing the motherboard (replace the battery needs to remove the motherboard or lift it up a bit - which is an even worse idea). In such cases, the iPad motherboard likes to crack on the surface, at the base of the electronic components.

If you are going to find and repair the damage yourself, get a good electronic diagram, locate the DZ elements (ex. DZ0000 - varistor number 0000) in the thermal control lines, codenamed: _NTC (ex. AP_NTC, BATTERY_NTC, RCAM_CAMERA_NTC, STROBE_MODULE_NTC etc.). Otherwise, find a good repair shop and confirm its competence in advance. The iPad is a difficult device to repair, designed in such cases only to be replaced.

Repair price may vary and many repair shops charging an extra $ 75-100 for screen removal (due to damage at this stage and having to pay for a new screen). In total, it will come to $ 150-300.

  • fingers crossing, regards,

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Any idea where to get a spare part (NTC 10k with 01005 package size)?


everywhere, look around - you can buy it in a mail order store (e.g. mouser, eBay) or desolder yourself from the electronic scrap you have. The cost of one piece is 0.5 $ - to round up a lot


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