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Touch screen went blank.

Hello all.

I have a Lenovo Ideapad model 20175. It was working great until a leak in my camper roof decided to drip right on my keyboard of my still running laptop. I have always been able to fix my computers after most everything, but this time I can't seem to figure out why the screen would be blank. The computer starts up and runs, just no screen.

Is there an easy fix here or did the screen short out and die? Thats not what I want to hear, but I'm checking all the angles first. I took the laptop apart 3 times, thinking I didn't get a cable connected right but everything is like it should be. The CMOS battery is fine, the SSD seems to be running ok. When I woke up to water dripping on me and saw my laptop I unplugged it and drained it, then dried it out for 2 days.

If it is dead, what can I put my SSD in to get everything off it. I have too much stuff on it that I don't want to lose, like a 2000 page book for one.

Thank you for any and all replys, and yes, I do write fixits in here every now and then. This keyboard and screen replacement has been done already so no need for me to do it again.

Thank you all.


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Plug an external monitor or TV into laptop using an HDMI cable. Does everything appear normal on the external screen? If yes then replace the laptops screen.

If no then you have serious trouble.

To recover your data just remove the SSD and place in a desktop computer or an external USB drive case attaching to another computer. You don’t say if you have any other computers.

service manual:


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Thank you Mike.

I did have an external monitor but not hooked up to this laptop. I have tons of computers, but that was my only Win 10 working. I'm going to my storage and grabbing some more puters to work on so I can try the slave drive.

Thanks for the answers, that helped. Will try external monitor when I get back later.



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Hi @towerjack1960 ,

With the laptop turned on, try shining a torch at an angle close to the screen and check for any images.

If there are, then there is a backlight problem. Did you press the F9 key to make sure that the backlight was not turned off? Not sure with your model but usually there is a fuse mounted close to the video cable connector on the motherboard. Maybe worth looking for.

If there are no images, try connecting an external monitor to the laptop’s HDMI port and check for a display.

If there is then at least this proves the problem to the laptop’s LCD panel and that the motherboard is OK. Don’t forget to press the appropriate hotkey (F10?) to toggle between the external display and the laptop display

Here’s the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop, taken from this webpage. It is useful as it has a parts list making it easier to find replacement parts by searching for the part number rather than the laptop model number.

Laptop SSD can be inserted into a desktop PC as a storage drive.

Just search online for how to connect dead laptop ssd to get more ideas.

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Thank you Jayeff.

That manual you sent will really help me out tremendously. I will work on the laptop again later tonite and keep you posted.



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