Xbox one not powering on

I just recently bought a used xbox one and it worked for about 2weeks but a week ago, the disk drive made clicking noises. I did research and found out how to fix it. I took my xbox apart and fixed, but when i put it back together it wont power on. It makes the ding noise and the light comes on for a second but then turns back off. Its not the power supply because i tried a new one and it did the same thing. I blew into it with a hair dryer and it did nothing. I cleand out dust and it still did nothing. Ive co nected a wired controller and it did the same thing. The ribbon cable isnt torn and ive tested all the connection ports and they all are getting power. I dont know what is happening and i thought someone here might know. Thank and have a blessed day.

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I forgot to mention i put new thermal paste and contacted Microsoft. Microsoft did not help at all, also the ribbion cable in the front is not torn.


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