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Instead of turning on it flashes charge light

I left my laptop for a couple of months as I moved over to a ChromeBook i turned it on while connected to power and the charge light just started flashing.

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Does your charge light blink in a pattern, if so what's the pattern? It's likely showing you a POST Code Error that can be found in the manual of the laptop. If you reply with your findings I will be more than happy to help troubleshoot... :)


The pattern: https://youtu.be/7lxrGg1c29g

I don't have the manual so I can't look that up.


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Hey Jeremy,

Is the light flashing green, amber, or red? If it is red that would indicate that the battery or charger are having an issue. In this case you could purchase a replacement of either, once you know the culprit.

Does the PC boot?, or does it stay a black screen?

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It stays on a blank screen and it flashes orange and I know its not the charger as it works with all my other Toshiba laptops.


Hmm. That makes me think it's the battery. Most times I've seen an amber light it has been a bad charger not delivering the correct amount of power, which isn't your case, or a battery that isn't working properly.

Does the laptop turn on without the battery, just using the charger? Just thinking out loud at this point. Any beeps?


Nope it doesn't


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