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Выпущен 16 сентября 2016 года. Модель 1660, 1778. Стандарты связи GSM или CDMA. Память 32, 128 или 256 ГБ. Цвета: розовое золото, золотой, серебристый, черный и глянцевый черный.

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iPhone's home button works, but for some reason won't produce a click.

Home button works as intended, but for some reason no matter what I do I can’t get the home button to produce a click sound (it’ll work but it won’t produce a click). Is this due to the screen I used being an aftermarket?

Would really appreciate the help!

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So this happened after a screen replacement?

If it did you most likely caused some damage to the home button assembly. There is a small IC on the assembly known as the turtle IC it processes the touch force and feedback on the home button, if this has been nudged it will produce the symptoms you are experiencing.

Some shops offer a repair for this by reflowing or replacing the IC but it may not be cheap and you might have to purchase a universal home button if the repair doesn’t go right.

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Hi @cullgun,

The iPhone 7 button isn’t really a button. Open Settings > General > Home Button. From there you should get to choose what your ‘click’ feels like.

Hope this helps!

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I have already tried working around with the settings; the issue I'm really having is that it does not feel the same as it functioned before, like its extremely sensitive, doesn't even require pressing down on it for it to register.


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