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The Lenovo G50-70 can be identified by model information printed on the bottom (model name 20351), or on sticker next to track pad. This laptop has a 15.6 inch screen with Dolby audio. Manufacturing began in 2014.

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My PC doesnt start anymore after disassembly

hi to all,

i tried to fix the display of a laptop lenovo g50-70 (it blinked when it was moved), so i disassembled it, and tried cleaning the wires that connected the display to the mobo, now the PC doesn't start, the fan doesnt start, i dont hear the hdd spinning, but the power and charging leds are on. someone can help me on what it could be the problem?

Update (06/05/2021)

Block Image

i have cleaned the connector with this, before cleaning the display was going on and off, yes the changing light turn on when i plug the power in

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i have resolved by removing the bios battery, now it’s booting! ty anyways[br]


@lcxbnr thats good to know that a CMOS battery can cause that type of issue.


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What did you clean the connector / wires with? When it blinked, did the screen go off and then come back on? I know that RAM issue can cause some strange things to happen such as display and no boot.

Does the charge light come on when you plug in the power adaptor?

Update (06/05/2021)

If your pc has two sticks of ram take them out and boot the laptop up and see if it posts. If so then test each stick of ram by placing one in at a time.

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