Xbox One X No Signal/ Black Screen replacing HDD or Re-Timer Chip

Hello all, I am working on fixing an Xbox One X that has No Signal but powers on. I see that there could be two possible fixes one being the Internal HDD which I already have removed or it could be the HDMI Re-Timer Chip. I am wondering if I purchase a HDD from Xbox One X HDD and Bracket if I would need to have it programmed or if it will be plug-n-play. I see the description says it may need to be programmed but the customer support page says they are not able to answer technical support questions so I was lead here. Thank you in advance for all of the help and responses.

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Xbox One X HDD and Bracket Изображение


Xbox One X HDD and Bracket


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Is the HDMI port undamaged?


Correct, not damaged, haven’t looked at the HDMI Re-Timer Chip yet


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