3 different power supplies spark when plugged in

I had a TV that had grounding issues and fried an HDMI cable along with a cable box. Xbox was plugged into the TV when it happened and refused to turn on after. I have since purchased 3 different power supplies and every single one shorts when I try to measure power output with a multimeter. I’m sure I have the proper settings on the multimeter and a properly rated power cable, yet every single time the power supply shorts and there is no output reading. Am I just having bad luck with parts or is it something else?

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so without plugging it into a TV it shorts out a PSU?

this only started when you plugged it into the HDMI on that faulty TV?


The first time the Xbox stopped working it was plugged into a bad TV. Since then I've gotten rid of said TV and have the Xbox on my desk where I attempted to repair it. I'm nearly certain there are no other issues with the Xbox, only the power supply. However every time I've bought a new one it's shorted out as I try to measure output with a multimeter. I have properly rated power cables, but it's not working and I'm nearing the end of my rope with this repair.


So, the shorting of the PSU is entirely separate from the TV issue. I'm just questioning why they are shorting, whether it be bad luck with parts or something else.


Are you absolutely sure that your leads aren't causing the short?


Well it turns out your were right, my multimeter is busted. Thanks for the advice, will be buying new psu and multimeter


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