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Released in May of 2019, the Xbox One S All Digital Edition (model number 1681) is a revision to the Original Xbox One S (released in 2016). This model of Xbox One S ships with no Blu-Ray Disc Drive (thus there is no disc slit at the front), exclusively providing downloadable and streamable entertainment.

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E100 after hard drive replacement

Hey, I’ve got a Xbox one S All Digital Edition here that is providing the error code E100 00000706 80070002 I’ve swapped the 1TB hard drive out for a similar HDD but the only information I can find on E100 is it’s blu-ray related. Any tips would be really helpful, thanks.

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from what ive gathered its a hardware fault.

since you just installed a new HDD try putting old one back in and see if that works.

if so you may need to properly format the new hard drive for the XBOX to recognize it properly.

especially if the size of the HDD is bigger or a weird size.

check out this handy dandy walk through!


good luck!

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In the link you sent it has a script to correctly format the drive, this was the script I used to replace the hard drive. The old hard drive is gives the same error. Once It gets to applying update during the Offline System update using OSU1 it restarts and then goes right back to E100.

Thank you for taking the time to reply


@countcreep try doing the factory reset listed here.


hopefully this will work


@logixal The factory reset option provides a beep then brings me immediately back to the E100 screen


@countcreep are you enrolled in insider preview ??


@countcreep Had exactly the same problem

After about 20 attempts and over a day trying, I was about to give up..

As soon as I put the old HDD in all was fine so the E100 couldn't be a blu Ray fault as everyone says

Then decided it must be the offline update which wasn't right

So I downloaded the older OSU2 update and that worked 1st time... Even though it said it wouldn't be compatible


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