Vizio tv turns off when I leave the house.

When I leave the house with my iPhone, my wife says the tv turns off. She then has to turn it back on and miss part of the program she was watching. She gets very annoyed.

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Hi @zonadamoose ,

What is the model number of the TV?

Does it have a Firestick dongle or similar etc attached?

Can you control the TV using an app on the iPhone?


The model is P55-E1, I have a firestick and a Apple TV. We stream our tv programs off of an app called Epic. I deleted the vizio app but tv still turns off when I leave with my phone. I went through the Amazon settings and couldn’t find anything to do with tv turning off. @jayeff



Is the WiFi turned on in the iPhone?

Try turning it off and check what happens to the TV without you leaving


I tried turning WiFi off and nothing happened



And it still turns off when the iPhone leaves the premises?

If so what else is on in the iPhone? Bluetooth?

Is the iPhone used as a internet hotspot for the TV using mobile data?

Really weird


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