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The first generation Forte shares the same platform as the Hyundai Elantra (HD), though employing a torsion-beam rear suspension in place of the Elantra's multilink design.

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Aftermarket radio screen flashing/saying reverse when driving

Just had aftermarket radio installed in my 2010 Kia Forte. When driving the radio screen flickers and says reverse. When I stop my radio school shows and appears as normal. I can not turn my radio off or hit any button while it flickers and says reverse.

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Hi @caitlyn25 ,

If the radio was just recently professionally installed take it back to who installed it and show them the problem.

It appears as though they didn't fully test/check their work.

If it was not professionally installed what is the make and model number of the radio?


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if you’ve had the problem from the initial install take it back, usually with aftermarket stereos you have to feed a wire from the stereo into something in the car that tells the stereo your in reverse (usually the live wire for the reverse lights) maybe be been hooked up to the wrong wire, if its flickering I would probably take a guess the link between the car and stereo to indicate this is incorrect and probably loose or not attached securely if its flickering.

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