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Way to check if antenna cables are working properly?

After doing some repairs, I noticed my wifi speeds dropped from 300 mbps to ~60-100 even when next to the router. All my other devices can reach 300 so I am starting to believe I may have damaged the cables to an extent or something else.

06/13/21 Edit: After opening my laptop again I have noticed the cable that connects the wifi card to the motherboard may have been damaged.

Block Image

There is one screw near the wifi card that touches the cable that may have damaged it enough to affect the speeds.

Block Image

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Check your connectors of the wi-fi card first. I have also run into a couple of these with failing wi-fi cables. This was hard to diagnose,

MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2012 AirPort/Bluetooth Cable Replacement

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Possibly, I just finished inspecting it again and I believe it could be the connector from the wifi card to the motherboard. There is a screw near the top of the cable where it would connect to the wifi card and it is very close to the cable it touches and damages it when (un)screwing to remove the entire wifi card out. I hope that is the case and not one of the antennas that connects to the card.


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