Help identify ASUS Z390-E STRIX GAMING missing component


I just got gifted this motherboard I don't live in US so I can't RMA it so I want to repair it, its missing a small 2mm thing and I want to know what is it, a capacitor, resistor and maybe the values of it.. I will post a picture of the thing im missing.

And before you guys ask there is no repair shops that repair this kind of motherboards on my country so I want to fix it by my own

I want to know the resistance or the ohm's whathever value I need for this specific component

The component is located here:

Block Image

Here is a close up picture of the missing component:

Block Image

(its the top one)

The color of it its supposed to be black if that helps identifying it

Thank you guys I hope I can get some help on this !

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