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Repair and support for the controllers that shipped with the PS3. Released in November 2007 (Japan only) and 2008 (other countries), the six-axis lithium battery powered controller (CECHZC2) is straightforward to repair.

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Why doesn't my PS3 Controller Pair?

I had my PS3 controller disassembled so I could clean it. Once I had it cleaned and reassembled, I went to power it on and I could not get it to power on with the Sony button.

I powered it on by plugging it into my PS3. It turned on with four blinking lights, but after ~15 minutes it never paired with the PS3. I disassembled it and clicked the reset button and re-seated the battery, but these didn’t make a difference.

Any clue as to what may be causing the issue? This controller was working perfectly before I disassembled it.

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Can you try rebooting your device?


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The ribbon connector that connects the button membrane to the motherboard wasn't making contact on my controller. There is actually a little rectangle of black padding that goes between the white plastic shell and the ribbon cable. There is even a groove in the plastic that the pad fits perfectly into. It had fallen out and I didn't know where it went. But as soon as I placed it back in, the controller powered back on and turned my console on.

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