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Model M2453 or M6411 / 300, 366, or 466 MHz G3 processor

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brand new batery but the computer wont turn on?

i just bought a brand new battery but my computer still wont turn on. when i plus the charger in, the side turns green but i press the apple on button and it wont turn on? help

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Does it make any sounds? The chime? Spinning fans/hdd? My G4 will chime but not boot unless the screen is open less than 90 degrees.


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Hi, try reseting the SMC and VRAM, same thing happened to me, as soon as i disconnected the magsafe, it shut down.

To reset :

- turn off your mac

- locate P R Command and Control (alt)

- turn on the mac and hold P+R+Cmd+alt until your hear the second starting chime

- release and check the battery

Hope it will work

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