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The Asus ZenPad S8 is an 8-inch Android tablet by Asus. Released in June of 2015. Model number: Z580CA.

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charging the devise the internal battery "inflated" to triple it's siz

charging the devise over night, the internal battery “inflated” about 3-4 times of it’s size and capacity and “buckled” the glass display and the back cover and the glue separated. I removed the back cover completely. Is there possible to replace the battery with a new one (normal size), lucky it didn’t explode.

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I thought that I can get an answer how to fix the problem, I guess my expectations from your site were inflated like my battery!

I have a suggestion for those who want to answer:

If you have nothing to offer, better just SHUT UP!


Hi @grumpybearr ,

What answer were you expecting?

The battery has become swollen. You cannot repair a swollen battery. Replacing it is the first step.

The Most Helpful answer below has information on how to do this and how to source a replacement battery

As to how it got this way is another matter. Usually it is a problem with the battery itself and not something else in the device that caused it to happen



@grumpybearr I am sorry we did not meet your expectation. Anyhow, the reason why your battery swelled up is because it got overcharged. This usually happens when the voltage is incorrectly detected by the charging control system which is part of your battery. Those batteries swell up because the overcharge reactions between the electrodes and electrolyte, creates heat and gases. The wrap prevents those gases from diffusing out and the pouch which contains the battery subsequently swells up.

Changing the battery will correct this since the overcharge circuitry is in the battery.


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@grumpybearr you definitely want to discard the swollen battery appropriately. After that replace it with a new one. You may also have to replace the display panel if the over pressured battery damaged those. This teardown ASUS ZenPad S8 Teardown will at least get you to the point where you can replace your battery.

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Hi @grumpybear,

To add to the good answer, here's a link to a parts supplier that may help to find a replacement battery.

Sometimes it may be easier to search for the "battery part number" rather than search for "tablet model number battery". At least you know that it will be the correct one as sometimes suppliers don't if there happens to be a difference between variants in the same tablet model series.

Scroll down and then click on the appropriate model number in the list and then select "battery". Find the battery part number and then use it to search for suppliers that suit you.

The part number is usually also listed on the battery itself if you wish to verify that it is the correct one.

If as @oldturkey03 mentioned the LCD panel is damaged then the part number for it (see Display) is there as well


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It should be possible to replace the battery, given that the device itself has not taken any permanent damage (deformation or rupture of the frame, torn cables, etc.). If the glue of the screen separated, it would be best if it was replaced.

As for the battery having inflated, this damaged LiPo battery should be disposed of safely ASAP. Check for a special disposal location near you and transport it safely there (no metal container that could short the battery, no sharp edges that could tear / puncture it). Put it somewhere where you could possibly get rid of it fast and as safely as possible if it should catch fire.

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