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How do I add ram and how much ram can I add?

want to speed up my imac g3 m5521 and how well will it operate if maxxed out?

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Hello James Just in case your computer has the door on the bottom I am including a link to an article on upgrading early imacs. Scan down to the bottom of the article and you will see a series of pictures. Click on them one at a time and they will expand giving you a clear idea of what to do. Hope this helps you.


Link to a guide showing how much memory Macs can use.


Maxed out it will run better but not as well as a new iMac.

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Maximum RAM: 1.0 GB (2*512MB)

Type of RAM Slots : 2 - PC-100 3.3V 168-pin SDRAM

iMac G3 Model M4984 RAM Replacement

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This is for a M4984 -- not a M5521 and may not be accurate for his computer.


The M4984 has a max ram of 384 MB--the M5521 has a max of 1 GB.


yes I know, but I though that it was almost similar as the change in these iMacs were only hardware updates.

James follow rj link


- "almost similar", just doesn't cut it with computers


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Imac model M5521. Can I install a wireless connection, this has only dialup capability? Same question re DVD drive, can one be installed? Is there a source for these items?

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