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The "Outback" name has been utilized on two different Subaru branded vehicles. One of these models is based on the mid-sized Subaru Legacy and the other derived from the hatchback version of the Subaru Impreza.

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Windshield wash pump and clock went off together.


We have Subary Legacy Outback 1997.

Yesterday my husband had to add oil and coolant in our car. This morning when I was driving to work, I noticed that I can’t wash the windshield - pump is silent. We did have some washing liquid in that tank yesterday.

Same time I noticed - the car clock / radio is off.

I know the clock worked yesterday, but not sure about the pump (didn’t use it for few days).

Is it possible to accidentally disconnect something while doing maintenance? Or can it be fuse related? (still kind a weird that 2 unrelated things went off about the same time)

What should I do / check to fix it?

Thanks in advance!


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You can check all of the relevant fuses but it seems strange if they’re all blown

I can't find an owner manual for a '97 Legacy but hopefully the fuse distribution for a '98 Legacy is the same or at least very similar.

The windshield wiper and washer are both fed from fuse #2 in the underdash fuse panel, so the wipers shouldn’t work either.

The radio is fed from fuse #17 in the underdash fuse panel,

The clock is fed from fuse #33 in the engine bay fuse block (along with the interior light, so it shouldn’t work either)

Check what is printed on the inside of the covers of the fuse panels. The fuse allocation is listed there for each panel.

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Well, I wasn't really sure about the radio, I just assumed it's in the same block with the clock.

So I went to check it and guess what?

Everything works! I don't really understand what happened, and what kind of glitch it was. It's just weird... The clock didn't even zero out.

Thank you for your response, though. I really appreciate you spending your time for me. I hope, it doesn't happen again, but if it does, I'll check all those fuses first.

Thank you!


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