Laptop won't switch on with or w/o battery


I have an Asus P553M laptop, a few days ago it just wouldn’t switch on. I’ve plugged it to the power outlet with the battery intact, and tried it after disconnecting the internal battery as well, it still doesn’t power on. The power plug seems to be working as there’s a blue light.

A few days before this happened I noticed the area near the motherboard and fan was a bit warm while the laptop was switched off(but still plugged in to the power outlet). Even when I was trying it w/o the battery connected that area was slightly warmer.

Block Image

(this was taken after plugging in the power with the battery disconnected)

Note: The battery capacity has gone down drastically for the past few years. It’d removable but you have to open up the laptop to access it.

What could be the issue?

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It is possible that your power button is broken. Try connecting the leads of the power button and see if it powers on. When it stopped turning on, was the laptop plugged in or on?


@teardowns101 By 'connecting the leads' do you mean the molten metal? It was plugged in to the power outlet but computer was switched off.


@dino_saurus I meant to ask if you have connected the wires, or contacts of the power button, to see if the laptop powers on then


@teardowns101 If I understood right, yes. I didn't disconnect anything else except the battery, just opened up the laptop.


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