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Model A2159, EMC 3301. A refresh of the entry-level 13" MacBook Pro. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released July 2019.

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On opening and in some positions my screen is glitching and then stops

When i open up my macbook its kind of flickering and i have flickering lines on the display. After a few moments they disappear until i touch the displays position.

it began after an update. But it looks like a hardware thing because its reproducable by changing the display angle

is the cable breaking? Is this just a deep os issue?

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i would get to an Apple Store to get this looked at ASAP! You have a display assembly issue!

As long as you don’t have any blemishes on the system they should replace your display either under warranty (depending on your coverage) If you have a service contract (AppleCare+) and if you press they should be willing to give you a warranty exception!

Make sure your system is spotless no dirt or oils on the screen or body. Warn marks are not an issue (palm rest or keys shiny) Arrive with your system in a padded case. Let them tell you what they can offer you. They may tell you its not covered. Then politely explain how you use your system and haven’t dropped or banged it. If they still say no ask for the manager and be polite (honey goes farther!) I also find going mid morning on a Tuesday or Thursday work better as they are not spent from the weekend or burn’t as its the end of their week. If you are still getting a no press to speak with the store manager and keep going up. I wish you well in your coming battle!

If you just can’t get this resolved by Apple or your system has damage then you’ll need to replace the display assembly your self MacBook Pro 13" Two Thunderbolt Ports 2019 Display Assembly Replacement and fork over the ~ $450 USD for the part - Ouch!

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Do you think it is the flat cable like the flexgate stuff? this came to my mind cause it feels like an mechanical error.

But on the other hand it appeared after some small updates in big sur.

To fill the story:

When i bought it in summer 19 the first three mbp had the same problem from the start and i got them replaced. The fourth one they gave me came with a diff. Os version and this is the one that starts now with this $@$* after the update.

I made an appointment at apple to let them have a look.


The ribbon cables from the display are mounted to a small board called the T-CON its job is to convert the display signal into what the LCD panel requires. While a little different from an old analog TV, the concept is about the same the electrical signal is sent across a row and meets up with a signal from the column to set the pixel on or off and the given color.

I fear the connections to the T-CON have failed or the board has.


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