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An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an electrical device that provides backup power to critical equipment in the event of a power outage or other power-related issues.

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My UPS is not charging the battery to full.


So I watched a lot of YouTube videos and guides on using lithium batteries with UPS units as replacements for lead acid batteries. Which made me buy 2 new APC units with 2 new sets of lithium batteries to try out.

At first the APC units I bought from Amazon were defective, showed a massive load on them when nothing was plugged in. APC replaced them immediately with no issues.

The new ones I got I then pulled out the lead acid batteries and put in a new set of 12v 10ah lifepo4 batteries. Ran a 35w load on it and only got 1 hour and 40 mins of runtime.

So I figured it wasn’t fully charged, and waited 48 hours before my next test, this time it lasted 2 hours and 30 mins, still way below the 6+ hours it should be getting according to the math.

So I bought a different brand of batteries to test to see if it was the battery itself. After a few days of charging I checked both batteries voltage and both were at 26.5v so each battery was at 13.25v, the minimum and maximum voltage for these batteries are 11.4/14.8v so these were not fully charged, on both units.

Whats going on, and how do I fix this?

APC Unit: BR1500MS2

Batteries: MightyMax 12v 10AH LifePO4 Batteries, ECO-Worthy 12v 10AH LifePO4 Batteries

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What happens when you plug in the original APC batteries? Is the UPS working correctly then?


It works fine on SLA, the point is im trying to replace the SLA with LifePO so i get longer runtime and longer lifespan.


@jayeff No everythings locked down on the unit. Also the lifepo batteries im using are the same size and the same case as a SLA battery with built in BMS.


@Damian Fick

Point still stands. The charging voltage per cell for LiPO is ~3.6V/cell and fort SLA is ~2.4V/cell so how many cells in each battery


@Damian Fick - Different batteries require a different charge rate and voltage as @jayeff explained. It's not a question of physical size, different battery chemistries don't hold the same charge (AmpHour).

So you will need to alter the programing of the charging circuit both the rate of charge and the time/temp to prevent overheating as LiPO batteries need a stepped charge unlike the SLA battery.


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@Damian Fick

Can you change the charge rate voltage/time etc of the UPS to suit LiPO batteries?

LiPO batteries charge at a different voltage per cell than SLA batteries. Also the cell charging temperature factor has to be taken into account

Different charging principles (LiPO), (SLA) apply due to the different chemical nature of the batteries.

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