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Broken Trackpad connector receiver on logicboard

While removing the Top Case of my IBook G4 ,the receiving end or the female part of the Trackpad Connector broke off the logic board. Can this be soldered back on or do I have to but a logic board?

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With out looking at it. I can not give you a 100% yes answer on this. However, if there are enough of the traces on the board that led to the pads ion which it connected to be able to attach on with copper foil to make new pads then the answer is yes.

This kind of repair is for someone that has above average soldering skills. I recommend you take the board and socket/header to a local TV repair shop to so the work. They have the skills and equipment necessary to do the repair and usually very reasonable in their charges for this type of work.

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+ I have average skills, the ibook I pulled a connector off is extremely troublesome! Waiting on better tools..could be a long wait! ps abc how's the cookies?


polly the cookies are fantastic - just pulled them off the baking stone ;0.


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