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Смартфон был выпущен 22 сентября 2017 года в двух модификациях: A1864, A1897, доступный GSM или CDMA модулями. Встроенное хранилище есть на 64 Гб или на 256. iPhone 8 Plus увидел свет в трех оттенках корпуса: золотом, серебристом и Space Gray.

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Did I just wreck my broken iPhone 8 Plus?

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While attempting to remove my battery, I scraped the black back part of the interior. Is my phone now a lost cause?

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Guys, I was laughing the whole time when changing the screen and battery, thinking I had killed this phone. It was an ugly ass repair. I put it back together, out on oven mitts, and tried to boot it up outside. IT WORKED! Thank you! However, I lost the bottom screws and the screen doesn’t close super tight. Can I get some replacements somewhere? What did I do wrong if it’s not closing correctly? Thank you!!!


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Your phone should be fine….. But i think when you say “the back black part” you mean the wireless charging coil back. you might not be able to use wireless charging anymore. that also depends on how deep the scratch was and if it affected any other components.

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Ah right ok, thank you! And yeah, I think that would be wireless charging. So it won’t catch on fire when I turn it on for the first time? ?


It should not as it is just the wireless charger but you might not be able to use the wireless charger


@Paul Georges No, it will not catch on fire at all!


there is a very slim chance.. I'M NOT SAYING IT CAN'T HAPPEN but there is a slim chance it could so possibly do it in a garage or outside incase anything goes wrong


That is ridiculous, because if it were to explode, it would have already done so the one thousand times you went to wirelessly charge the phone! All it is is a sticker covering the back of the coil, which is already protected by that piece of metal underneath the sticker.


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Hello Paul Georges! I do not think it would have done anything to damage the operation of your device. You may want to clean the effected areas and leftover glue off by applying a small amount of some isopropyl alcohol and scraping off the residue with a microfiber cloth or spudger. Thank you for using iFixit! Happy fixing!

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Hey Bob! Even the black circle that’s ripped?


@Paul Georges That is part of the wireless charging coil on your iPhone. You way not be able to use wireless charging anymore, but seeing as it appears to just be a sticker, I would say your phone will be completely fine. Leave what is left of the black sticker, but clean everything else off.


Thank you! I got all the glue off. Can I use alcohol on the wireless charging coil?


@Paul Georges I would refrain from doing so at first, and it should be your last possible option to removing the loose sticker from the charging coil. I would only use 80% or higher isopropyl alcohol on the charging coil as any less could leave a residue on it.


Make sure to calibrate your new battery as soon as possible. Charge it to 100% and keep charging it for at least 2 more hours. Use your device until it shuts off due to low battery. Charge it uninterrupted to 100%.


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