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The Samsung Galaxy A30S is a phone released by Samsung in August of 2019. It came with Android 9.0

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My phones half screen is work and half is purple

in early morning my phone have a full orange screen which does not work .now after some time screen is devided into two parts one part is work with some bugs and other part is purple. and do not work. please tell me how to fix it.

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My phone display was broken


Sorry to hear that, Maaz. What do you want to do?


My phone screen is doing things to itself, and it says it's broken


ALI king where and what does it say about being broken? Does it do this all the time or only sometimes? When does do it things by itself? Need more info here.


Display broken Display broken Display broken Display


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narenda modi sounds like your display is failing. Of course if anything else happened to your phone like water damage etc. this might change. From what you are describing I would suggest you replace the display assembly and re-evaluate. Use something like this video to work on it.

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If your phone's screen is bleeding purple, this indicates it's been severely damaged. The screen has cracked internally, and the LCD fluid is seeping freely. Unfortunately, there's not much that you can do about it. The only solution is to replace the display.

Hope this helps

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