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Why ca t I connect to internet

Hi I don't know why but I can not connect to .y Internet ive tried WiFi and ethernet can and I can't connect and it couldn't have happened at a worst time as I've just started an online business 3 days ago

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Try the following:

Open a Command Window as an Administrator and type the following commands one at a time and then press Enter after each command.

To open a Command window in Win 10, type cmd in the Windows search box on the left side of the Taskbar and click on the run as Administrator option that appears with the Command prompt app.

Note: There is a space before the / symbol but not after, in the commands that have it. Also if you make a typing error you have to backspace and restart typing from where the error was made. It’s old world computing, keyboard only

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

netsh int ip reset

netsh winsock reset

Close the window and restart the laptop and check if you can now access the internet using both WiFi and Ethernet.

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  1. check if you can see the wifi connections if not,
  2. check if it is on airplane mode is on, if yes off it
  3. check if the wifi is on or off
  4. check if the wifi drivers are installed

# check connecting to a wifi hotspot

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Quite a common problem. If you did all that Shiham recommended and still no joy , here are solutions you might try.

1. If using a pc/laptop connected to a wifi router and you are sure your data plan is still valid (ie you have enough data) then try the following : a) Switch off the router (at te plug if necessary) , wait for 60 seconds and power up again and see if it works. If not then:

b) Even if your device recognises your router but still no I/N , click on your I/N icon (bottom right on the service tray) to open the WiFi pane. There you'll see your wifi router listed (normally the top one with the strongest signal icon). In this block look for a button that says “Forget this Network “ Click it.

Now , power off your device , wait a few seconds and power up and wait until device has finished booting up.

Now again click on the I/N icon in the service tray. You will see your router listed. Click the CONNECT button. It will then ask for the router ID/Password or Key. (This is the long alpha - numeric code found on the label underneath the router).

Type this code in EXACTLY as it appears on the label (sometimes there is a button that says Show Password or a small EYE-icon) click on it and it will show what you type in so you can check it's accuracy - instead of just showing black dots.

Then click OK/Next or Connect.

This ought to clear the problem. PS. Don't forget to tick the Automatically Connect box under the settings or preferences button.

  1. If this problem is on your mobile phone , obviously make sure you're device is on wifi. The above procedure ought to clear the problem on this device as well.
  2. If you are able to connect to the I/N via your router (an excellent test) but not via mobile data , the most likely cause is you've run out of data.
  3. I have solved the above prob many times for aquauntences of mine but if still no luck and you've tried the Google thing to solve it without success , then try your ISP service provider who will help reset your router , or your mobile data company with whom you have a voice/data contract with.

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If your PHONE or other WiFi device CAN connect to the I/N using the SAME ROUTER but NOT your PC/Laptop:

Type DEVICE MANAGER in the TaskBar SEARCH box

Click to open DM


Right click where is says something like


Click on UPDATE DRIVER. If update is not required

Click on DISABLE DEVICE then on ENABLE DEVICE. Reboot & check

If no I/N

This time click on UNINSTALL DEVICE. YES to all questions. Rebooting will auto re-install the software.

PS hovering over the the WiFi/Network icon and a message says No Internet, click on it and check your router is listed with good signal strength. If there is a box asking CONNECT, click it & check the Automatically Connect tick box. If you have to type in the router key (password) then do so (or follow my first set of instructions on how to get the key , etc.)

Also remember, if in your Router box it says DISCONNECT, it means that you ARE connected. Sometimes it may restore the I/N by just clicking Disconnect then again Connect.


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