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In over my head!


So I’m trying to break into the repair business so I’m carefully jumping into the pool and I do know how to swim. A client brought me a Dell 3950 or G3 17” laptop. There is a design flaw in this laptop that causes the hinges to separate from the screen. So I got it apart using the Dell service manual. But I can’t get a good image of what it looks like when it’s not broken. Specifically I can see where the hinges are screwed onto the bottom case but I can’t see how they attach to the display. I could really use a ray of light to show me the way. I am willing to pay for help if that’s appropriate to say here. If not, my apologies. Don’t want anyone to think I’m taking their help for granted. Thanks for listening.

All the best,


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Hey Mountain,

Follow this link to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_2dPb1S...

Around the 8:30 mark he is working around the hinges of an XPS model but they are generally the same.

Hope this helps!

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Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I had actually found another video but this one is event better. Sometimes it boils down to knowing what to ask for. It was the hinge repair I was looking for not the screen repair. Doing these things for the first time is heady stuff, but I now have the confidence to complete the repair. Not sure if the client knows where the hinge screws are, those flat head ones, but I ordered some just in case. And you instinctively knew what I was really looking for. Apparently this laptop has issues when it comes to the hinges. Anyway repairing it is going to be so satisfying. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!


BTW, this one I found is for the exact model I am repairing. Unfortunately it is not translated into English but a video is worth a million words. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyX4pZqQ...


Awesome! I'm glad this helped a bit.


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